Marcus J, 35


I only remember one flash so I don’t even know if I was actually sexually assaulted but, the flash takes up more space in my mind than I’d like to admit.

I went to my best friend’s house everyday after school. My mom worked two jobs and the second job would take her until 11pm so his mom would watch me until she was done.

On my 14th birthday, I was so hyped because my friends decorated my locker, brought cake to my last period class and my teacher gave me a gift. This was before Facebook so the fact that anyone remembered or cared was amazing to me.

Like usual, after school Jake (fake name) and I walked to his place where we would hangout until my mom came to get me.

We were playing video games. While it was my turn, he brought me a piece of cake.

“Haha omg again? Nah, bro. I’m stuffed.”

“Yo, I spent like 3 hours making this!”

“You did?! Ok, ok. Just a bite.”

I ended up eating the whole thing and the next thing I know, I have this flash that I have been living with for 21 years.

It’s him, over me on an angle, bare chest. He is flushed with a serious, concentrated look on his face.

Just as I wake up, like 3 hours later, he’s walking back into his room.

“Finally, you’re up.”

“I had the weirdest dream. You were like, naked or something.”

He laughs, “Bro, why you having naked dreams about me??”

“No, no it didn’t feel like that!”

“Alright, whatever.”

I get home, late night. I’m changing into my pyjamas when I realize, I don’t have my underwear on. I see the flash and I am paralyzed.

It never happened again and I continued to go to his place for a year and actually, I’m friends with him until this day.

I should mention, like a week after it happened, I inexplicably found my underwear, FOLDED, in my locker. He was the only one who knew my combo. I’ve always wanted to confront him but I am scared to face what he might say or not say.