Hang Tong, 77

Please note: this story has been translated from Cantonese

I loved to go to school. My favourite class was art. I went to school until year six. In year six, a student from America came to my school. He looked like a movie star. I never seen skin so white. He did bad things to all the girls but there was one girl, Tan, who received the most abuse because she had a disability. Her legs were not working. She used to rely on others to move her until the community bought her a wheelchair. Her hands looked very old because she used them so much to move around.

What happened to Tan was more worse but I still feel badly.

I don’t want to say his name, I will just say, “He”. He was so friendly, all the kids loved him. He would sneak us candies and play games with us. He taught us a clapping game and we never stopped playing that for so many days. One time, I got sick at school throwing up and I was embarrassed. He comforted me and I felt so happy that I had a grown up person who was somewhat like my friend.

One time we were playing a game with paint and he started to tickle me. I was laughing so hard. I laughed so hard I could not contain my bladder and I wet myself and him. He had urine and paint on his shirt. He took me to change into my play clothes. I was too shy so I said no. He said, “I will not look at you, if you promise not to look at me.” I said ok.

I walked into the girls bathroom and I heard him lock the door and when I turned around, in a matter of seconds, he was completed naked. He did not have one article of clothing on him. He said, “Why did you look! You promised!” I felt a heavy feeling come on me. I said, “Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!” hundreds of times and covered my eyes and ran into the toilet stall. He followed me in and said, “Well now I have to see you, it won’t be fair.”

I was quiet and then I started to cry and begged him to please let me go. He kept saying, “Shhh” and wiping away my tears. I think I was in there for only 10 minutes but it was feeling like 10 lifetimes. Suddenly, someone came in. I felt so much relief thinking they could save me. He grabbed my mouth to hush my sobs. I looked into his eyes and they were black. I couldn’t recognize him. The person just came in to wash their hands. Then they left.

I do not wish to continue this story. Thank you, sorry.

Hang Tong, 77, China