Erica Louter, 26

Bubblegum Boy

I sat in the far back left corner of my grade 12 calculus class. I liked to stay out of the spotlight and observe the rest of the class. I also liked this spot, so I could look out the window onto the Glebe Collegiate Institute yard. Back here I was surrounded by some of the rowdier boys, but I found them funny…sometimes.

It was halfway through class and most of us were working away on problems given by the teacher. Some of the guys at the back were not working and using this time to chat away. I heard my friend Sammy, who was part of this group of boys, however I always found him to be extremely kind, call my name. “Erica.” I looked up.

He was standing next to his friend Neil by the window. Neil had a grin on his face as he pulled up his shirt exposing his jeans up to the waist. I was startled. There was a wad of bubblegum on his crotch, pink and wrinkly. I stared longer peering closer trying to make sense of the situation.

Suddenly, I noticed all the guys in the back laughing at me. I quickly realized it was not bubblegum but his testicles – poking out through the fly hole of his jeans.

I immediately looked back at my work and felt my face becomes extremely hot. I didn’t want them to know it had upset me. I felt ashamed and embarrassed and confused. I also felt betrayed as I thought Sammy was a friend.

The next thought I had were about them – would they not accept me if I didn’t find it funny? Ten years later I still remember this incident and can still feel the embarrassment from it. Do you think he remembers?


Side note – he does remember. Here is his “apology”.

Do you remember the “prank” you played on me in calculus class in highschool?

Unfortunately that rings a bell. Wildly inappropriate?

Yes, I’m surprised you remember

Yeah well it was not intentional to do it to you. I felt really bad at the time that it happened so it stuck. I am so sorry that that happened, definitely not part of my morals or character. What brings this up?