Grey Area is the name of a new book, expected to launch in January 2020. The book is a collection of letters/stories written by survivors of sexual assault.

The phrase “grey area” is often mentioned when assessing the validity of a sexual assault, to suggest, a crime might not have actually occurred. Due to the skewed view of what a sexual assault is, survivors are often left feeling, ashamed, guilty or invalidated, all while suffering through the post-traumatic impact of a sexual assault. This has to change.

We are reaching out to folks across the world, and asking them to tell their story and explain how their sexual assault changed them indefinitely.

In this effort, we are using survivors’ words to document the impact of a range of sexual assaults in black and white, through a published book. We hope survivors feel a sense of catharsis, that the stories resonate with other survivors who are silently struggling with their own and hopefully, change the way the public and judicial systems approach, perceive and prosecute sex crimes.

100% of profits will benefit sexual assault initiatives throughout the world.